This is my story

This is My Story

Who am I?

I am a passionate motivational safety speaker who speaks from a position of personal experience, and because of this approach I have seen lives being changed wherever I go.

My accident

On the 4th of June 2010, whilst working for a Mining Company in the Northern Cape, South Africa, I was involved in a life changing work related incident. As result of this unfortunate and preventable incident I lost an arm and a leg. I spent almost a year hospitalized.


Following this regrettable event my hopes were shattered, and for a moment I wished I had died. However, upon reflection, the “Partington” in me picked up the courage. I recall one morning I silently spoke to myself and said “Partington this is not about you, it’s about others. You can make the best out of this”. From that day I purposed in my heart that I was going to go out there and spread the Safety Gospel to my fellow employees so that they learn from my experience, and in the process help they take ownership of their safety. I have turned an incident that was meant to derail my life into a life changing experience to fellow employees who care to listen to my story. Wherever I go to share my experience, I am humbled to see people beginning to take safety seriously at a personal level. This gives me inner satisfaction when I see an event that was meant to mark the end of my career and even my life turning out to be a blessing in other people’s lives. For this reason I do not need anyone to sympathize with me. The best one can do is to learn from my experience and avoid walking the path I walked. Unless one takes safety at a personal level, all our efforts would go to waste. Through my talks you will realize that above all safety is your responsibility and not your manager’s or your supervisor’s. If you can’t look after yourself, no one will. Safety is a personal investment in that it preserves you to enjoy those other things you like doing in your spare time. Thus, based on my personal learnings, I have taken it upon myself to help my fellow employees take ownership of their safety through my inspirational motivational safety talks. I have seen people’s mind-sets’ towards safety being changed because of my ability to connect into people’s hearts and minds as I share my life story. This is because when I speak I speak from the heart and this gives me an audience.

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