The reason I do public speaking

Following from my first blog, it is time to speak about my path and route to recovering from my horrific accident.

The path to recovery was not an easy one. It required persistence, hope and purpose. As I sat at the veranda of a church hall one morning of 2012, the “Partington” in me just picked up some courage and I could hear a soft voice saying to me: “Partington, this is not about you, it’s about others. You can make the best out of this”

From that day on I purposed to go out there to spread the safety gospel to my fellow employees so they can learn from my experience. I also purposed to inspire the disadvantaged, the down-trodden and people with disabilities assuring them that, “Disabilty is not inabilty”

I am very grateful because as I started God brought into my mission the right people, the right ideas and everything else to support it. I pray that he continues opening more doors for me so I can reach out to more and more people as I go through the journey of life.

I have seen people’s mindsets towards safety being changed because of my ability to connect into people’s hearts and minds as I share my life story. This is because when I speak I speak from the heart and this gives me an audience.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us”-JRR TOLKLEN