Public/Individual Speaker Coaching Sessions — Private coaching that’s tailored to your needs, your public speaking personality, and your work materials, this is the most popular (and foundational) public speaking service we offer. Contact me now for Public or individual speaking opportunities. Learn more about my story and motivate your employees.

Training/Coaching: Safety coaching focuses on how to learn from close calls and safety issues which I can speak about from first-hand experience. Leaders foster a safety culture by encouraging all team members to coach others, speak up about unsafe practices, and take action to prevent accidents in the future

Motivational One2One: Get the Motivation and Support You Need. Daily, weekly and whenever you need it via my website and also personal visits and more. Daily motivational minutes and exercises from Partington and real life experienced, friendly professionally trained coaches on hand to answer your questions, encourage you and inspire you to keep going.

Recordings of speeches: Get a copy of latest public speech, training or simply to hear my personal story of how I overcame my accident and chose the path to Motivational speaking and Leadership. You can also request video recordings of future speeches I will be giving on safety around the world and you can always finds snippets on my Instagram account.

Safety Talks: Your employees influence health and safety through their own actions. Workshops can run from two hours to 1 1/2 days, and are built around the communications needs, materials, and outcomes you identify. I guide your employees to learn how to be aware of the risks within your workplace and then help them (And you as a company) to work out how to prevent them.